9 things successful soloists do every day

- September 24, 2015 2 MIN READ

If you want to achieve business success, it’s always helpful to look at those who are a bit ahead of you, and learn from what they do

If you were to ask some of the most successful people in your industry about how to achieve business success, you’re likely to hear the same things repeated over and over again. So here’s a handy list of the nine things I’ve come to realise successful soloists are doing pretty much every day.

  • They know how to say ‘No’ – to activities that aren’t taking them closer to their goal, to extra work, and most importantly, to negativity. Successful soloists have learned the hard way that constantly overextending yourself is nothing but a fast path to burnout.
  • They’re highly productive – all soloists have great work ethics, but it’s easy to get caught up doing ‘busy-work’ that doesn’t actually take your business anywhere. Successful soloists have learned to create a daily schedule that keeps them focused and motivated … and also ensures they’re working hard on the right things
  • They make their daily agenda before going to bed – this enables them to set their priorities for the day ahead. Successful soloists find that setting up their day the night before, both through visualisation and written lists, means they are able to rest more easily, and begin the next day with greater vigour and direction
  • They look after themselves – eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of rest, and relaxing whenever possible are some of the best ways that you can take care of your body and your mind. Successful soloists know this and they know how much it benefits their business
  • They actively network – this gives them a professional team of people on which they call upon for anything from advice to marketing assistance
  • They practice good money management – always on the lookout for new opportunities, they invest their money wisely, and (most importantly for soloists) they have an emergency fund set up for unforeseen challenges.
  • They stop watching TV and read more often – crazy I know … but the less you watch TV, the more you improve your chances of being successful. While many people use TV as a way to decompress, anything electrical at night becomes a stimulant. Reading not only causes the mind to form new neural connections, but reading at bed time can also mean a sounder sleep and deeper relaxation.
  • They wake up early – by starting their day ahead of everyone else, successful soloists have time for exercise and personal time for themselves. It makes them happier and more proactive too.
  • They write down their goals, plans, and visions for achieving success – all of the world’s most successful people practice this on a regular basis. While setting the plans on paper is one means of achieving better clarity, it also puts a manifest energy behind the intent, and this also furthers success.

Constant preparation is a key to becoming successful. Remember the old adage “Luck and preparation always meet opportunity. That definitely applies in this scenario.

What things do you do daily to ensure solo success?