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A brainstorming session

- May 17, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

I still remember the crestfallen sound of my host’s voice when I explained my plane was unable to land due to fog and so had returned to Sydney. It was 6am and he was on his way to collect me from my hotel. At least he thought he was.

While I shared the anxiety of my white-knuckle attempted landings, his thoughts understandably turned to how to placate a room full of local business people.

As it transpired, he needn’t have worried as his breakfast event turned out to be a cracker of a brainstorming session.

The thing is, if you get a number of business people together, joined by a common purpose – in this instance the desire to learn some new marketing tips – the motivation itself can create astonishing results.

At this breakfast event, delegates were seated at round tables and in the absence of a speaker, spoke to each other, brainstorming marketing ideas.

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At the close, a representative from each table summarised findings and 70 people left with a stack of great, new strategies.

Each and every one of us has untold wisdom to share and we don’t need to wait for an expert speaker to show up. Accepting of course that my ideas are quite unique!

This week, consider getting together with a few business friends for a brainstorming session and explore one key hot button. You’ll be amazed what you learn.

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