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A love letter to LinkedIn: Here are 9 reasons why I’ve fallen for you

- July 1, 2019 2 MIN READ

It’s been happening for a while now. 

After years of messing around with other platforms I feel like I’ve finally found a place that really ‘gets’ me. 

The others are so punitive and confusing – one day they can’t get enough of our content. The next it’s passive-aggressive stand-off. No matter what we do, we can’t get seen. 

With you, it’s different. 

You’re not pulling any punches. 

There’s no smoke and mirrors. No painful memories to sift through. No complex algorithm to navigate. 

You are what you say you are. And that’s really something in this crazy, messed up world. 

So, here’s a tribute to 9 of the things I love best about you:


  1. You are not Facebook (who apparently lost 15 million users last year). But I know you don’t need me to say more than that. #youaregreatlikethat
  2. Everyone is polite to each other – even when they disagree. #hattiptotheideaemoji
  3. It’s okay to promote what you’re good at. In fact that’s what you stand for. No wallflowers here. #proud
  4. There’s just five emojis. And yet, I’m still picking up what you (and everyone else) is putting down. #sticktothefacts
  5. Auto-responder for the win! You intuitively “get” when I am busy and prompt me with the right thing to reply. #kudostoyouismyfavourite
  6. Dreams are being sold. Embellished, sure. But they’re still dreams and ideas and THAT is awesome.
  7. You’re all about the work. And dreams and ideas (as above)  but you reward the work. You don’t pretend that there’s a magic formula to success and you offer support every single step of the way. #canthideonlinkedin
  8. Your content has integrity. If I spend an hour scrolling, I don’t walk away feeling bad about my life, I feel empowered with information and facts and like-minded people. THAT is ace.
  9. Yep, I guess I just feel smarter when I’m with you.#loveyouLucy x