A soloists’ greatest resource, business babysitting and random acts of kindness

- August 31, 2017 2 MIN READ

This week’s must-read

Time is a soloist’s greatest resource, so states Andrew Griffiths in his column this week.

For the times when money coming in, doesn’t match time going out, he suggests listing every task completed over two days and asking yourself: “How is this helping me move towards my immediate goal.”

As Andrew writes: “This exercise takes the “I think” out of the equation. It makes it very clear exactly how I am spending most of my time and of course why I’m getting the results I’m getting.”

Soloist Life

After a decade of soloism, Heather Smith suddenly has an empty nest: “It’s still a bit of a shock to find myself on the other side…I’m no longer juggling. I have gaps of time with no commitments, and sure it’s great. But so was having the children ask for homework help, sharing their latest dilemma, or noticing something was up and having the time just to hear them.”

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This week’s wise new members are Biz Optimiser, Lorie Brink, TransPost, Bell Training Group Pty Ltd, John Petrich, uSite Australia, First Class Accounts Forest Lake and Arielle Careers while we are rapt to have Quercus Cor Management Systems, Tammy Tansley Consulting, Caska IP Patent Attorneys, Bean Bags R Us and The Sauna Company back again for another year.

From the forums

Member Mischelle jumped at ‘23 Wise Words’ business babysitter idea; with two thriving businesses, she and soloist hubby haven’t had a break in over 8 years. “I think most will use a VA for the day to day tasks, and monitor remotely themselves (especially the payments), so you could market as a VA specialising in business caretaking.” Have you ever used a business babysitter?

Productivity tip

Helaina Berry via Matthew White’s “4 ways to stay on the right side of ‘busy’”  remarked: “Being busy does not mean the absence of time rather it is the mismanagement of time..” An important distinction, isn’t it?

In case you missed it…

While we’re on the topic of time,find out why Gemma Hawdon’s witty take on the 7 deadly distractions of working from home has already been shared over 400 times.


Robert’s chat with David Shire on essential business calculations for start-ups gets high praise from member Richard Lucas: “David puts the financial side of being a soloist in such plain terms – I wish I’d had this knowledge down before launching my business, it is truly invaluable.”

Money tip

Running a cafe or food business? Natalie Cavanagh’s got a speedy tip for measuring efficiency: “Use a basic cash flow analysis to compare ordering levels against sales… This can also give you an indication that there may be issues with staff giving out freebies, or actual theft.”


A lovely idea from forumite StudioS: “I find random acts of kindness particularly helpful in the face of a setback, it gets me out of being self-centric and see that there are other people out there who may be going through something difficult as well.”

How have you spent your precious time this week? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.