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All my friends are getting jobs

- June 22, 2016 3 MIN READ

It’s hard to build the business of your dreams when those around you are dropping like flies and getting jobs back in the corporate world. Here are four go-to tips to try when you’re feeling the pressure.

Three years ago, it felt like there was something in the water. Everywhere you turned somebody you knew was starting their own business, launching their own product and quitting their nine-to-five to craft the travel blogging/jewelry-making/insert-unique-passion-inspired-career-here of their dreams.

Now, it’s more like you’re revisiting your mid-twenties with everyone around you getting hitched and settling down. Except this time, it’s not marriage your fellow business owners are wooing … it’s the corporate, nine-to-five life of working for the man.

And while you can appreciate and understand their reasoning for getting jobs, you’re lucky enough to be one of the few who have ‘made it’. And when I say made it, I don’t necessarily mean you’re a contender for BRW’s top 100 (although let’s not rule that out!) Instead, I believe you’ve made it because you’ve built a business that has managed to make money.

Trust me, you deserve serious kudos for that achievement.

But, if like me, this achievement has left you feeling a little, well, left out then I feel you. You are now the rebel. The winner of an entrepreneurial game of musical chairs. You are … the Last Woman Standing.

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Let’s be real though: it’s called peer pressure for a reason. And it’s really hard to stick to your guns and slog through the often hard work of building a successful business when everyone around you is puffing-and-passing the going-back-to-work herb.

So how do you stay strong when everyone else around you is getting jobs?

Speaking from experience, it’s not always easy. And it can definitely seem like an easier option to call it quits and line up for a job with a regular payday. BUT, if you’re reading this article then I know that’s not what you want to do. Which is why I’ve assembled four go-to tips to try if you’re feeling the pressure. Here we go.

1. Remember why you started your business.

Whether it was to enjoy greater freedom and flexibility or to finally begin working on something that you were truly passionate about, your business exists for a reason. Return to that reason and really marinade in it. If it still feels right – and good – you’re where you’re supposed to be.

2. Imagine how you’d feel if you quit.

Dedicate at least ten-minutes to picturing how you’d feel if you threw in the towel. Sure, there will absolutely be some relief. It’s the easy option because it’s easy. But dive a little deeper … in five, ten, fifteen years’ time; will you regret giving up now?

3. Consider other prosperity-promoting options.

Are you tempted to quit because the financial pressure is getting too much? There’s no shame in replenishing your entrepreneurial piggy bank so you can continue dream-chasing. So why not consider how you can earn some money to support your business? Casual work, part-time or even a temporary full-time job can help take the pressure off and give you more financial – and emotional – freedom to pursue your dreams. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

4. Take time off.

If you can (and I know this is easier said than done), take a few days off from your business. Often, when I’m tempted to give up it’s because I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. And like a toddler in desperate need of a nap, the temper tantrums will get nastier and nastier until I take time to rest. Rest and review. That should be your motto until you’re fanning the flame of dedication again.

And finally, give yourself a break. It’s okay to consider quitting. We have all done it. But always remember that everything you’ve achieved in your business (and your career!) is an incredible accomplishment. Feel proud. You’re doing great.

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