An effective business coaching strategy

- June 29, 2008 < 1 MIN READ

In the process of my work as a coach, I have one effective business coaching strategy that regularly creates a big shift for my clients. The funny thing is, I don’t do a thing. Let me tell you how it works.

So that I don’t shoot myself in the foot and make my work look like simplicity itself, I must point out that
business coaching is an unbelievably skilled occupation, only practiced by those of massive intellect. (Aside from
that shifty bloke you met recently at a networking event).

Now we’ve got that clear, let’s move on.

In preparation for their business coaching session, I ask each of my clients to email a summary of what’s gone
on since we last spoke. Here are some of the questions I pose:

  • What’s been going well? What good things have happened in life and work?
  • What’s got in the way and how have you handled it?
  • What’s been taking your attention and how are you feeling about it?
  • What’s happened that you’ve learned something from?

A pretty straightforward business coaching strategy. The thing is, when was the last time you asked yourself such
questions and took the time to write down the answers? I tell you what, if you did my experience suggests you would
be likely to surprise yourself with what you’ve accomplished and astound yourself with what you’ve

Too often we fall foul of the drudge and don’t stop to check in with the good stuff.

Give this business coaching strategy a try and see just how much clearer you think and how much lighter you feel.

Alternatively, take one of the questions, consider your answer and share it below.