Annus horribilis or a total stormer? It’s time for a business review.

- December 20, 2010 2 MIN READ

Before we know it, the new year will be upon as and we’ll be in full-on planning mode. But what about the year that was? It’s time for a business review.

Pre-Christmas break is an ideal time for reflection. Some of you probably think looking back is a wishy washy exercise, the equivalent to the last day of school, when you threw away the books and got stuck into board games.

Well maybe it is a bit cruisy, but I suspect I’m not the only one whose brain’s not up for more at this time of year.

Failing to reflect means you miss an opportunity to reward yourself for the good experiences, and take lessons from the bad.

At FSHQ we’re forever pushing on with this project or that often without adequate pause for thought. But reflection gives you perspective and a sense of pride.

For example if you’d have told me a year ago that the new website would attract 1,000,000 visitors and 3,000,000 page views, I’d have laughed. 7,000 directory members? Yeah, right. Over 1,000 Facebook fans? We didn’t even start the page til June.

It’s easy to let the good stuff pass us by unless we take the time to acknowledge it.

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So how did things shape up for you in the past year? Did you grow a bit? Shrink a bit? Abandon a project or pick up a surprise pearler? Did it turn out as you expected? Share all below.

Finally, I’d like to share my favourite articles of the year. Feel free to have a read over the break, when these will get republished on the site.

Stacey Barr tells you how get a plan that fits on one page. Madeleine Shaw conducts an offsite, solo style. Caroline Jenkins helps you work out how to indentify your competitive advantage, Kate James shows you how to be creative and productive and Aidan McCarthy tells us which keywords to target.

And this one from Amanda Gonzalez, and not just for sheer headline brilliance, either.

Thanks for helping make this year such a landmark year for Flying Solo. It’s been a pleasure helping keep your business airborne throughout the year.

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