“I know what I should do but it’s too hard…”​

- January 21, 2020 2 MIN READ

Are you struggling to make big steps forward in your business? Does the idea of doing more or being more make you break out in cold sweats? You could be struggling from anxiety.

Anxiety is far more common than most people realise and even more so with business owners. Research tells us the best cure for anxiety is 1) just do it and 2) be willing to do it badly.

I flipping love this! When we have the willingness to do something badly we finally begin to move and with movement inevitably comes growth.

If anyone is struggling – here are four quick tips for moving forward (badly). Break it down into these four pieces and each step becomes a lot gentler.

Make it simple. Whatever your next big step is simplify it into a tiny step instead until you build your momentum. For example, if you want to pitch your business idea to a group of investors. Focus on one step at a time. Your motivation, your written pitch, your contacts, practicing your pitch etc. One at a time. (I’m not a biz coach so those may not be accurate but you get my drift! haha)

Keep it obvious. Put reminders everywhere so your mission is on the forefront of your mind. This is not meant to feel threatening (“You must make X number of dollars!!”) but motivating (“You will reach millions of people with your message!”) What we keep in our conscious mind is what we create. So, keep it intentional!

Make sure it feels good. Put simply, do what you enjoy! When we love what we do everything is easier. Activities you enjoy are your company’s low hanging fruit. Snatch them up first while you (again) build your momentum.

Finally, reward each step. There is something to be said for satisfaction. It feels good to acknowledge our own hard work and celebrate it with like minded people. That’s why I share stuff in here all the time. Think of it the same as when you are sharing pictures of yourself at the gym. It feels good to show off our hard work.

I struggle with anxiety and have for years so I know it’s a process and each day comes with its own unique challenges. These steps have helped me immensely and are research based (not mine!!).

“I know what I should do. It’s hard but I’ll do it anyway because it will get easier.” Boom!

This article was written by Stephanie Wicker-Campbell and was first published on LinkedIn