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Are other people’s fears holding you back?

- November 21, 2015 3 MIN READ

Launching your own business is so exciting! You have an idea for a business or you decide your hobby will become your profession, you set up an ABN, website, and Facebook page. You’re on your horse.

Then, often, something strange happens…

You start to tell your family and friends, people who don’t necessarily understand your vision or journey, people who are accustomed to receiving a fortnightly salary. Their fears creep in. They start to question your plans and ideas, even if they have no knowledge of your industry.

And before you know it, your initial excitement has made way for doubt and anxiety.

This isn’t the way it’s meant to be!

So how do you get that excited feeling back? I have five tips:

1. Commit to doing whatever it takes to make your business work.

There should be no Plan B, because it distracts from Plan A! When you want success as badly as you want air, you’re going to be successful.

We’re entrepreneurs, we think outside the box, we have fun! If Plan B is ‘well I can always go and get another job’ throw it out now.

Get so committed to your goal that remembering to eat and sleep becomes your biggest challenge.

2. Release the fears

Remember that anxiety that crept in when the people who care about you killed your buzz?

It’s okay, it happens to everyone, it’s normal.

Just try not to hold onto it 🙂

Like your family, your unconscious mind wants to keep you safe. It does this by helping you avoid perceived dangers.

For example if you have a fear of rejection, it will tell you it’s okay to watch TV instead of following up leads.

Having a business coach here is so important. They will hold onto your vision for you, and work with you to overcome these fears.

3. Be specific

What do you want? Go on, ask yourself, what do you really want?

Write it down.

So often we know what we don’t want.

  • We don’t want to go broke.
  • We don’t want to fail.
  • We don’t want the embarrassment of a failed business.

How about turning that on its head. What DO you want?

  • Do you want to build a team? Great, how many people?
  • Do you want to work a certain number of days per week? Perfect. How many?
  • Do you want to make money? Excellent. How much?

Get really specific.

Using the above example, I want a team of four people so I can work four days a week, earning $97,000 a year.

Being specific about what you want makes it a challenge and make things exciting!

Make sure you write down your goals and stick them somewhere so you will see it when you’re working.

4. Check your support team

Your friends and family want to help you, they really do. But if they’re not entrepreneurs, they’re playing a different game.

Just like you wouldn’t discuss building an engine with someone who isn’t a mechanic, why would you discuss building your business with someone who doesn’t understand what it takes to succeed in your niche?

A great way to get excited about what you’re doing is to help people who are more successful than you. Do it for free. Do it to learn. Do it to put yourself in their winning environment, and be a sponge. Absorb everything you can. See what works, what doesn’t, and think about how you would do it.

5. Just do it

You have your idea that you’re committed to achieving, you’ve worked with your coach to overcome any negative fears or beliefs, you’ve gotten very specific about exactly what you want to achieve, and you have surrounded yourself with successful people who are excited to support you.

This is where the 10 out of 10 fun starts!!

It’s time to forget all the white noise things like the perfect business plan, website or business card.

Find the number one thing that will make your business money and chase it; chase it hard.

Have some fun with it! Set yourself a target, and plan a reward for yourself when you achieve it.

Have fun sharing your ideas with your support team.

Have fun helping people achieve their dreams.

Most importantly, have fun being in the driver’s seat of your own destiny 🙂