Article marketing: How to publicise articles

- July 11, 2009 2 MIN READ

Every article you write can boost your profile and generate leads, provided that customers know you’ve written them. Read on to learn seven methods of article marketing to more effectively publicise your articles.

1. Put a link to your articles in your email signature

This is a free, easy and effective way of letting everyone know that you’ve written an article. People do click email signature links, so it’s a valuable form of article marketing.

2. Place the articles on your website

Add at least one of your articles to your website per month. Aside from strengthening your credibility, the article becomes regular, fresh content that can boost your Google rankings.

3. Lodge your articles on an article directory

There are different types of article directories. Flying Solo is an online publication that also serves as an article directory. Flying Solo has an editor, which means that your article must be accepted in order to be published, but if it is, the readership for your information is enormous. Other article directories will allow you to lodge your article electronically, and in most cases this is a free service. Just Google ‘article directories’ to see a whole stack of them. They too can have guidelines and criteria, so always check these out before lodging your articles with them.

4. Prominently display your article

For example, if you have a shop window or an office premise in a public place, put the article on display there.

This creates a real point of difference between you and your competitors. Proudly displaying your articles in this way shows your customers that you are the expert in the field!

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5. Place your articles in a portfolio

If you visit clients, imagine how professional you’ll look with a portfolio displaying some of your articles. The portfolio will create an effective point of difference that will knock your client’s socks off! You can pick up a basic portfolio folder from most office supply stores.

6. Use your articles to enhance other advertising and marketing efforts

Article marketing can infuse originality and add weight to most other forms of marketing. For example, if you put ads in newspapers, place a line in your ad that says, “Author of the article……”. Again, this tells the reader that you are an expert in your field. Or, if you go to networking events, offer free copies of your articles along with your business card.

7. Promote the article to your database

The current thinking is that you should communicate to your database at least once a month, so why not send everyone on your database an informative and useful article? The articles will create goodwill, and is an excellent way of maintaining ‘top of mind awareness’.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to publicise your articles and squeeze every ounce of goodness from them.

If you wrote an article, would you publicise it using any of the above suggestions? Can you offer any different article marketing ideas?

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