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Authenticity: The perils of the ill fitting suit

- October 11, 2010 < 1 MIN READ

I’ve just returned from a blissful couple of weeks away and the flight home with Virgin was definitely a case of a suit that’s seen better days. The service was fine, the pricing was fine, but pleeeease, enough already with the ‘fabulously wonderful crew’ and the kids’ party ambience.

Show me you’re good, stop telling me. And by the way, my wife is not a guy.

Alongside the tired suit is the knock-off suit, dragged out incessantly by the big end of town. It seems everyone is trying to appear like a small business – personable, approachable, responsive, and yet behind the gloss we still encounter the same old ‘computer says no’ behaviours.

Alas those of us at the small end have our own suiting issues too, the flashy suit being a classic. Typically, these are sported by a group with telescopic noses who exaggerate their status in the vain hope that someone actually believes the hype.

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Someone probably does. Many more see right through it.

At FSHQ, we learnt some good lessons from the feedback of our recent live event. Our bungling “Meet the FS Crew” panel discussion was generally well received because it was genuine, yet a couple of other activities were considered at odds with what we’re about. Thank goodness for feedback.

It’s so important to be mindful of our business’ brand voice and there are few better ways to keep a check than to invite external commentary. Jayne talked about how the forums can help in her article just last week.

So how well does you suit fit? Is it time for a wardrobe change? Share your observations about authenticity below.