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Be someone on ‘The Internet of Everything’

- October 14, 2014 2 MIN READ

What exactly is the Internet of Everything? And why is it important to be on it? Find out.

The other day an old friend messaged me on Facebook. They were looking for 150 presentation boxes (bear with me). The boxes had to be this wide, this deep and this high. And white. And preferably glossy.

Um…I thought. Why is this old friend asking me about presentation boxes?

I just replied, “Nice to hear from you, I have no idea. Won’t Google tell you everything you need to know about presentation box suppliers?”

Yes, Google will

If you have any question, any wish, any wondrous thought, you can just type it into a search engine. Some have called it The Internet of Everything.

On the other hand, I hear business owners say they feel invisible. They’re worried they won’t be found. They feel they’re going to fall through a crack and nobody will catch them.

And they’re frozen in fear.

But just like the presentation box supplier, you don’t have to be everywhere, you just have to be in the right places at the right time, doing what you do best.

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My tips

  • Be findable
    Have a site, be on LinkedIn and take part in digital life. You might not be a retailer, but you need to show that your door is wide open and you’re ‘in business’.
  • Be yourself
    Most micro businesses don’t need bells and whistles, they just need confidence to be themselves. Listen to what your clients say about you, step up and show yourself.
  • Have a crack 
    Just give things a go. Do you think you should be using social media? Stop agonising. Choose one and have some fun.
  • Write words 
    Search engines love your words, clients love your words and prospects love your words too. If you’re a good writer, write a blog. If you’re not so confident, make a quick point with a few sentences.
  • Be a problem solver
    Focus more on being the person who specialises in solving one problem rather than trying to be all things to all people. Go to the heart of your offering and allow your passion to be seen and heard throughout your digital trail.

And remember this…

The people who know and love you are your most likely future referrers and customers. Make sure you talk to them more than you talk to strangers. If you’re feeling lost on The Internet of Everything, look for your clients and referrers on there – they’ll show you the ropes.

Hopefully next time someone is looking for whatever you offer (presentation boxes perhaps!), they’ll know exactly who to call.

Who are you on the Internet of Everything?