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Being aware of your weaknesses

- August 17, 2008 < 1 MIN READ

Marketing 101 states you need to emphasise your strengths to your clients. At one stage or another, you’ll have asked yourself “What am I really good at? What’s my USP? How do I stand out from the competition?”

This is fair enough, but I’d argue for your solo business to thrive, you need to be just as well acquainted with your weaknesses.

Ignoring them, or being unaware of what they are, could spell disaster. Few would admit to this kind of naivety, but if you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated and out of control, it could be you’re playing to your weaknesses.

It can be hard to take an honest look at your faults, but once identified, they can be rectified. Alternatively, you may choose to live alongside them. Either way, your weaknesses need to be looked in the eye.

One way to find out what your weaknesses are is to consider “What do I hate to do?” Chances are the work you hate is the work you’re rubbish at. At Flying Solo we’re always sorting through our too hard basket and dealing with our strengths and weaknesses by outsourcing items that cause us grief or upskilling if it’s important to do so.

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Naturally enough, the reverse is true in that if you ask “What am I good at?” you’ll identify your strengths. Plenty’s been written about how to work out what you’re good at, though. I prefer to write about topics that have been less explored.

I invite you to share your weaknesses online and to get the ball rolling I’ll tell you now, I’m really bad at cold calling and am easily distracted. Little wonder I am such a fan of email.

I can live with those weaknesses, but here’s a fault I’ve really got to rectify: I’m truly terrible at finishing others’ sentences.

Now I’ve shown you mine, show us your weaknesses via a comment below.

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