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Being grateful: What are you missing?

- January 29, 2007 2 MIN READ

Often being grateful is not something we focus on as can be demonstrated by a recent experience I had.

I was out walking when three separate groups of tourists stopped me and asked that I take their photograph in front of the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

As I walked on – assignments duly completed – it dawned on me how I’d taken for granted the view that others wished to retain for posterity. This got me thinking about what else I had stopped ‘seeing’ and about the importance of being grateful, particularly within my work.

For the next twenty minutes or so I was reminded just how fortunate I am. Not only am I surrounded by people who inspire, stretch and amuse me, some of them actually pay me for the privilege.

Then there are the fabulous people who support my business – fellow independent professionals – without whom I would be totally lost. And guess what? I enjoy paying them! I do, I really do.

I am most fortunate and grateful to work with such terrific clients and supporters.

Then there are my wonderful partners at Flying Solo, Sam & Peter. Every encounter is stimulating, productive…and really fun. I must have done something quite exceptional in my past life to attract the pair of them.

I could go on about being grateful and start talking about my private life, but frankly we’d be here forever and it would probably make you nauseous.

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Before this year gets too speedy dear soloists, I challenge you to focus less on what’s missing and instead take a close look at what you already have.

Are you being grateful? Why not share those things you’ve been taking for granted by posting a comment?

Personally I’ll be walking with my eyes wide open for the next little while. I figure I may give the tourists a wide berth though.

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