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Biz: What a recent dinosaur trip taught me

- October 3, 2014 2 MIN READ

What can the dinosaur tourism industry teach us about being successful in business? Let’s find out.

What makes people travel to the Queensland outback, a mammoth two day drive from Brisbane, to marvel at dinosaur tracks in the dirt? What can these dinosaurs (that’ve been extinct for 65 million years) and the tourism industry around it, teach us about being successful in our own business? As it turns out, many things.

Promote your point of difference

While dinosaur tracks have been discovered in other parts of Australia, the tracks at Lark Quarry are the best preserved tracks in the world. They show a carnivorous dinosaur stalking and then charging a herd of 150 smaller dinosaurs. The explanation and story attached to these tracks brings the stampede to life.

Lesson: Promote your point of difference, shout it from the rooftops. It may be why a client chooses you over a competitor.

Be honest and authentic

We didn’t see casts of dinosaur tracks, we saw the actual impressions left in the mud by dinosaurs 95 million years ago. These are the tracks that palaeontologists from around the world come to study. The real deal.

Lesson: There’s no substitute for authenticity. Be yourself. Be honest and you’ll stand out from the crowd. 

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Be relatable

While most people have heard of Tyrannosaurus rex, there’s no evidence that they ever roamed the land that became Australia. At Lark Quarry and its nearby museum, all the featured dinosaurs are local, all unearthed around the Winton area. There’s something amazing about knowing these dinosaurs, including our very own carnivore, lived where we now live.

Lesson: Ensure your business isn’t alienating clients because they can’t relate to your offerings. Make sure your copy and marketing material speaks to the right people.

Build partnerships

All the dinosaur attractions in Winton and nearby centres promote each other’s attractions. After all, why just visit Lark Quarry when you can experience a fully operational dinosaur fossil laboratory, participate in a real life paleontological dig and discover fossils from Australia’s ancient inland sea?

Lesson: Partner with other businesses to improve your visibility in the marketplace.

Be passionate

The palaeontologists at the museum were extremely passionate about their work. They patiently and thoughtfully answered all our questions and happily posed for photos afterwards. It was clear that their enthusiasm had infected volunteers and other tour participants. This was the highlight of our tour.

Lesson: Love what you do and your clients will be rewarded with a great experience, one they’ll share with others.

Even if you think dinosaurs were rightly relegated to the pages of evolutionary history, you have to admire them. Despite being extinct for 65 million years they have some serious staying power.

Have you had an amazing tourism experience that can provide some business lessons? 

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