Boomerang buyers: how to generate repeat business

- February 21, 2013 2 MIN READ

What’s the secret to making customers come back? Here are some highly effective repeat business tips, as revealed by Flying Solo readers.

Recently there was a fascinating thread on the Flying Solo Facebook page on how to generate repeat business. Many fantastic tips were shared. Here’s a handful I felt deserved further explanation as to why they’re so beneficial.

Keep in touch

“Newsletters are an easy way to target repeat business… put more time and effort into increasing this database.” – Paul Lawrence Romero 

I couldn’t agree more, Paul! In fact, this was a popular tip with others as well, and with good reason. 

As we know, it’s far easier and more cost effective to entice existing customers than it is to focus entirely on getting new customers. By keeping in touch we inspire what is known as ‘top-of-mind awareness’. As the term suggests, this means that we stay at the top of our customers’ minds, reminding them to get in touch when they need us, and giving them reasons to get in touch even when they don’t.

Share useful information

“Share some valuable and insightful information [via] emails or, as mentioned, newsletters.” – Kerry Rosser. 

Great point, Kerry. Some people assume that ‘keeping in touch’ means sending out a barrage of advertisements, promotions and marketing hype.  While this is a way to keep in touch, it’s not necessarily the right way. Most people will unsubscribe from email newsletters that focus mainly on advertising.

Having said that, it’s absolutely fine to include advertising and promotions in your newsletter, as long as you focus predominantly on providing useful information. Do that, and the sales will come. 

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Under-promise and over-deliver

“’Under-promise and over-deliver’ will generally bring people back and, just as importantly, recommend your business to others.” – Conus Business Consultancy Services. 

This was another popular suggestion, and again, with good reason.  

To exceed expectations, tell clients you’ll give them less but knock their socks off by giving them more. Here’s an example. Let’s say that you offer proofreading services and you’ve received a document that will take you around five days to proofread. If the document doesn’t have a tight deadline, tell the client that you’ll email it in seven days, but in fact, email it in five. And to really blow their mind, do something extra as a complimentary service, such as editing a page of their website. Not only will they probably use your services again, but they’ll become a raving fan in the process.

Offer great, friendly service

“GOOD, FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Oh, and not using caps too much.” – Zac Lovett. 

Too true, Zac. Offering excellent customer service in the first place is an effective way to encourage boomerang buying. As for the caps – I agree, shouting in writing is best avoided. 

Bribe, I mean, entice with chocolate

“Be nice. Do a good job. Charge a reasonable rate. Send chocolate.” – Kate Toon SEO Copywriter. 

We must have hatched from the same (Easter) egg, Kate. 

As someone who will do just about anything for chocolate, and who also sends out chocolate from time to time (if I don’t eat it first) I think this is a great idea. 

But wait, there’s more!

There are so many ways to generate repeat business, but hopefully even just these few tips will help you to create a band of boomerang buyers. 

What are your tips for generating repeat business?

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