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Boots and all. A frank review of our new course.

- March 26, 2017 2 MIN READ

When freelance writer, Bob Riley enrolled in our new ‘Work your way’ course it wasn’t without reservation. So was it money well spent?

When you’ve spent the best part of a year writing, editing and filming a new course, it’s a tad daunting to actually set it free and see what the world makes of it.

Frankly, the first few weeks were deafeningly quiet and I feared no-one was interested in what we’d created. I’d got it all wrong.

Then we looked into our analytics and they told us you were looking at the sample videos, reading through the full curriculum and checking out tools like our Are you suited to solo? quiz.

And that made sense. While $199 may not be a fortune, we recognise there are plenty of other things to spend your money on and we know professional development can struggle to get near the top of the list.

(Even though we’re probably agreed that shouldn’t be the case!)

STOP PRESS: Our course is now bundled into Flying Solo Premium Membership…which means full access for just $99 + GST, plus all the other benefits of membership.

No matter, after a short period of what I assume to be contemplation and pondering, students started to trickle in and I clambered out from under my desk.

One of the first to provide a Work your way course review was Bob Riley, a freelance writer. While we got him over the line, he told me recently he initially wasn’t sure:

“I viewed the first couple with some degree of anxiety/trepidation as to whether I could actually tolerate this presenter speaking to me so clearly and so fluently over so many episodes.”

Er, thanks. I think. Thankfully Bob not only got stuck in he found (mercifully) that I grew on him:

“But it worked! And it worked well; the plain background with no distractions and the relative short duration of each episode meant, for me, it was easy watching and listening.”

Phew. Bob went on to laud us with all kinds of compliments,

“…clearly the culmination of a lot of preparatory work…”

“… maintained a consistent and high standard from beginning to end…”

“…it was all relevant…”

Now whether our full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee had any influence I can’t say, but Bob’s happy and that makes me very happy.

Best of all, Bob is using the Work your way course precisely as we intended, as a resource he’ll return to time and again:

“I can now go back and reflect on aspects and re-watch many, and arguably over a period, all, of the episodes to re-educate and to re-invigorate myself and my approach to running solo.”

Love YOUR work, Bob!

Review Work your way for yourself. You’ll find sample videos and the full curriculum of over 80 video lessons at and don’t forget access is now bundled into Flying Solo Premium Membership, which means you’ll get the course and a whole lot more besides for just $99 + GST.