Bored? Find the lesson

- November 2, 2017 2 MIN READ

This week’s must-read

Punishment is hurting someone. Discipline is teaching them, the expert said.

We can apply the same thinking to the mundane; when certain tasks feel like punishment, it can help to look closely at what you’re learning. The chances are there is benefit in your struggle!

Jayne Tancred works to ease struggle, by getting ahead of the game. As she writes in her piece about, getting organised for the new year now, she’s clearly learned that doing so allows her to skip to the part where you’re drinking champers in the sun:

“Devoting a week or so to producing content and marketing material in late December or early January is a strategy I love… I’ve found that the combination of being well-rested after the Christmas break, fielding fewer emails and phone calls than usual from clients, and putting myself onto restricted work hours conspires to make me super-productive and creative.”

Soloist Life

“When I look back I see tremendous growth in teaching and business, but perhaps more importantly myself. (And that’s not just aging!) I’m calmer, have accepted I’m not capable of doing everything for a business to run well and have become a queen of outsourcing. I value myself not with arrogance, but with confidence and a sense that life is about continuous learning.” Member Kathleen Connell reflects on over 20 years of the soloist life.

New and renewing members…

This week’s wise new members are Half Day PA, Danielle Spinks and Westcourt | Family Business Accountants while we are rapt to have National Products FulfilmentSuper Claims AustraliaPodcast VA, Renae Adams, Skyline Accountants and Connective Healthcare back again for another year.


“Keep becoming the best version of yourself that you possibly can…People react in an incredible way to true authenticity – because it’s kind of rare,” columnist Andrew Griffiths on why it pays to be yourself in business.


Tom Cameron loves WordPress and it scares the hell out of him. With worldwide popularity comes increasing risk and in this podcast episode Tom tells us what we need to do to stay safe and secure.

From the forums

Member @Bert says Miss Bookkeeper should never turn surplus clients down: “I no longer say no to a potential new client. If they are a referral…price it high, so if the newbie says no, you are not upsetting your existing client. If the job is a good one, and I price it high and they take it, I always have a list of current clients who I am prepared to drop for a better prospect.”


“When you buy something, you’re not paying money for it. You’re paying with the hours of life”.

Ex-president of Uruguay José Mujica via contributor, Byron Trzeciak.