Breaking habits: Let go and grow!

- September 27, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

What’s one thing you could give up that would benefit your business? Simplifying parts of your business and life can be liberating. Here’s how to commit to breaking habits and letting go.

  • is something I’ve never done before;
  • takes me out of my comfort zone;
  • it breaks a habit;
  • changes my way of thinking about the shoes I already have;
  • allows me to focus on the important stuff when shopping;
  • puts me in control of the shoes and not the other way around!
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    How is it benefiting my business?

    As soloists we know just how intrinsically linked our personal growth is to our professional growth. The ‘mind shake-up’ I willingly created for myself personally extends to my business and how I operate within it. Since the shoe challenge, in my business I have:
    • Done something new – taken on Vice Presidency with my peak body (AAPO).
    • Stepped out of my comfort zone – taken an office in town (more on that next article!)
    • Broken a habit – limited my Internet access to office only.
    • Changed my thinking about my ‘best’ clients.
    • Focused more on the important stuff by clearing all commitments that were merely masquerading as important!
    Feel the freedom of breaking habits and doing something new. Whether its Peter’s attempt to shake his email addiction, Robert saying goodbye to his habit of rushing or Sam’s efforts at decluttering soloists know the benefits of letting go. What will you let go of, and how will it benefit your business? We’d love to hear about your experiences with breaking habits.]]>