Bring out the best

- July 19, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

Words and headlines with double-meanings keep my easily distracted mind entertained. Best I explain the meanings of this week’s headline before I charge off on another tangent.

For the 2009 Flying Solo LIVE! event, we chose the theme ‘bring out the best’. We think it’s rather clever, but what’s it trying to say?

On one hand, ‘bring out the best’ implies we had the best speakers lined up at the best event for solo & micro business. And of course we did, although we would say that wouldn’t we?

A meaning that goes deeper is that we know it’s only by stretching ourselves, by putting focus on our professional and personal development that we can hope to be the best at what we do. Greatness doesn’t just creep up, to make it happen we have to visualise, strategise and nurture.

It may well be an ‘expert’ who nudges that along, equally a casual conversation could bring on a lightbulb moment for you.

Whether the focus of your development is directed at starting a business, running a business or growing a business, the challenge really is to do one or all of the above while having an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

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This reminds me of that great saying: “Don’t get so busy building a business that you forget to build a life.”

Please take a moment this week to ask yourself, what do I need to do to bring out the best?

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