Business deadlines: Let yourself off the hook

- November 27, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

The end of the calendar year represents an important milestone for many of us soloists as well as for our customers and clients.

“By the end of the year” is a deadline many soloists give their goals. I reckon this method of business deadline dating is particularly common amongst what I call the don’t-like-a-lot-of-structure brigade. For them, the end of the year is quite possibly the only deadline that is worked towards.

Because the end of the year is the time by which so much was supposed to be achieved, it’s no great surprise that come late November, disappointment and anxiety can breeze into the office like a bad smell.

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So if your business deadlines are a bit on the nose, what should you do?

My advice is to get up from your desk. Open all the windows, breathe some fresh air and let the dog out into the garden.

That’s because there really is little to gain by rushing things through just to tick the box. Far better to take a step back, look at what needs to be done to accomplish the task properly and set a new and realistic deadline for achievement.

If you don’t, the chances are you’ll have to redo it all in the New Year anyway.

In a very un-coachlike manner I’d like to invite you to post a comment and tell me all the business deadlines you’re not going to achieve this year.

I’ll do the same. I can’t wait.