Business partnering: Everyone’s a partner

- April 9, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if businesses truly, madly, deeply, partnered with each other?

Of course, we often come across those who spout on about ‘partnering with clients’, but you can bet most organisations who bang the relationship drum are not connected with their so-called partners in any meaningful way.

But it strikes me that as soloists, we are in a unique position when it comes to business partnering. Just as we don’t have to call a meeting or draft internal memos to move the ship in a different direction, we don’t need to follow unnecessary procedures or protocols when it comes to enlisting the input of others.

Here at FS HQ we have been fortunate to attract some wonderful individuals who support our business and it simply wouldn’t be right to think of them merely as suppliers. They are our support team, our partners. They are involved.

Every quarter we have a ‘team’ meeting where ideas are discussed and developed. Everyone who is there knows it’s more about involvement than directive.

Whether it’s technical support, design, administration, finance or whatever, we aim to foster a sense of business partnering with those who support our business.

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Partners are people you really care about. You know about their lives, their families and their interests and you work to build each others business.

What’s more you know and respect their boundaries, recognise and acknowledge their worth and cannot help but foster a respectful and mutually satisfying relationship.

If you would like to develop a fresh, new way to present how you work with others, why not create a ‘partnership manifesto’ with me?

I’ve added my thoughts on what’s essential to healthy business partnering via a comment. Have a read through the comments to get an idea of what may your own manifesto may comprise of.