Business tag lines that sell

- November 3, 2008 3 MIN READ

An effective business tag line is a constant source of premium advertising that will reinforce your brand while generating sales. So what is a tag line, why should your business have one and how do you go about writing one?

What is a business tag line?

A business tag line is a short, catchy line that cleverly states the benefits of your products and services to your client. It usually appears next to or under your business name or logo. For example, Flying Solo. Micro business community.

Why should I have a business tag line?

Clients will remember you

Everyone has a business name, but not everyone has a powerful business tag line. If you want to stand out from the crowd and leave an impression on your client, then write a sizzling tag line and incorporate it into all your promotional material.

It will sell your products or services

Your business name generally states who you are or what you do, but your business tag line will actually sell your business. Therefore it’s a constant and powerful form of advertising that can save you dollars while making you dollars.

Improved client perception

Clients will perceive you to be professional and established, even if you’re just starting out. Why? Because the big companies ‘just do it’ and they’re ‘lovin’ it’. A perception of professionalism and permanence will inspire trust from your clients.

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How do I write a business tag line?

When I go through this process with a client, I’ll interview them and compile a few pages of information … just to come up with a few words! I do this because the more I know about their business, the more powerful and focussed the tag line will be. So given that you know everything about your business, try this suggestion for creating your business tag line.

  • Brainstorm any keywords related to your business and industry. For example, if you’re an accountant you could write: money, balance, value, professionalism, reconcile, dollars, investment, tax returns. Keep writing until you’ve squeezed every last word out of your brain, even if this means that you’ve listed hundreds of words.
  • Now that you have your words, ask yourself: What is the main benefit of my business/product/service for my target client? When answering this question, think also about your unique selling point and your elevator speech.
  • Choose the main recurring key words that highlight the benefit of your business, and use these words to create a business tag line. A few rules though: keep your tag line to ten words or less, avoid clichés, keep it simple but not boring and finally, be clever with wording only if it doesn’t interfere with your message.

Here’s a real example. An accountant requested a tag line that advertised her professionalism and excellence, while also emphasising her genuine compassion toward her clients. Her business name includes the words ‘it all adds up’.

One tag line that I proposed was: Excellence is the standard. Kindness is the addition. The tag line is not the cleverest thing on the planet, but it’s short, simple and delivers the message with a small play on words.

Once you have a few tag line options, ensure that they haven’t already been registered or trademarked by visiting Then, seek feedback by showing your tag lines to current clients and family. Do they have a favourite? Do they understand your message? If people don’t like or understand your business tag lines, try again, because having an ineffective tag line can repel clients instead of attracting them!

While not easy, the creation process is meant to be fun, so if writing your tag is a drag, ask a friend for help or hire the services of a professional.

If you’d like to brag about your business tag line, or perhaps share your love of someone else’s tag line, please ‘just do it’ here!

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