Cheer squad practice

- June 3, 2013 2 MIN READ

Say thanks and well done

When you’ve enjoyed great customer service, an amazing meal, a provocative blog post or have otherwise been impressed, let the people responsible know. Everyone is grateful when their efforts are appreciated.

Say ‘keep going’

If you can see someone is having a hard time and you’ve been in their position, offer up your insights. Your support could be just what they need to help them renew their drive.

What if they were on the verge of giving up and your words gave them staying power?

We do this naturally with those close to us. After I had several particularly restless nights with my newborn my friend said, “Back when Louis was a baby you told me ‘you will enjoy a good night’s sleep again’ and you were right.” I was pleasantly surprised to be on the receiving end of my own echoed encouragement. Dubious, of course, but pleased nonetheless.

My experience is soloists are very supportive of one another and those not long in their business are particularly appreciative of business encouragement, so go forth and give!

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A thoughtful present

If you see something and think ‘my client/partner/friend would like that’ then buy it for them. If budget doesn’t permit, tell them about it. I find buying gifts based on a gut reaction more effective than buying because a birthday or anniversary is coming up. Panic buying is no one’s friend.

Move and shake

My friend has a new hifi installation business and needed a website. Another friend, an absolute music nut, has a web design business. Admittedly I don’t always get this right but this time, after I put them in touch, the pair entered an exciting and engaging project.

Relevant connections are always welcome, even if they don’t always come off, so if you’ve been thinking of introducing two businesses that need one another, my advice is just do it.

I believe if it’s said with heart and good intentions, business encouragement is always welcome. Do you agree? 

Has a kind word, needed gift or an awesome idea given you a shot in the arm lately? I encourage you to share your experience in the comments.

Meantime I’m holding out for that good night’s sleep.