Cleaner panic, dealing with doubters and SEO tips

- October 5, 2017 2 MIN READ

Every other week, I open my front door to find the cleaner has been.

This week’s must-read

For a full five seconds, everything glistens as only it can when I haven’t lifted a finger!

Well, that’s not entirely true… I’m also guilty of ‘cleaner panic’ that Amanda Vanelderen captures so well in her column on organistion this week:

“It’s not just what the cleaner does, it’s the frantic pre-clean that must be done before her arrival. You don’t want her to think we live like animals, right? Method does fall down if cleaner needs a day off, or you get so used to her you forget to cover your shame.”

Soloist Life

“Once you’re successful you’ll find those same people that doubted you, or feared for you, are the ones that tell you “we can’t all be so lucky…..”, “we’re proud of you”, “I wish I’d started my own business….” or “how did you do it?”.

Member Byron T shares his experience with member Rich, who’s paused to take the leap from a six figure salary to his booming “side business.”

New and renewing members

This week’s new members are Marketing EnergizedHolistic Foot Clinic, Too Hot Climate SystemsDigiweb Media and Custom Software Group while Whiter Smile,, Peter Streker, Skip Bins Brisbane Group Pty Ltd, Irenas Bookkeeping, WriteCopyBoyd Ryan Business Sales & ConsultantsHealthy Numbers Pty LtdCreative Currency Copywriting ServicesJoyful Communications and Institute for Applied Positive Psychology are renewing for another year! It’s so lovely to have you all as part of the community.

In case you missed it…

“Before I learnt to love selling, I had to learn how to do it. I always focus on the potential client’s need; the ‘headache’ or ‘itch’ they want solved or scratched,” writes member Kath, via Jo Macdermott’s well-received column on how to sell.

Tech tip

Get to know an online competitor by looking through their backlinks, says Nick Brogden. He shows us how in this week’s column on using SEO to grow your business. 

From the forums

Anyone got a “pause time button”?  Forumite Tony Phelps reckons it’s the ‘one thing’ that’d boost business right now. What’s at the top of your list?


“Creativity is a muscle; open it up and you’ll find so many ways to start using it.” So says artist, writer and teacher Malini Parker on this week’s episode of the Flying Solo podcast.

Productivity Tip

Will it still ‘work’ in five years time? Plus, five other great questions to ask while naming your business, via Georgina Smibert.


“An idea gathers to itself everyone it needs in order to be born.”

Richard Bach (of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull fame), via columnist, Jayne Tancred.

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