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- February 2, 2011 < 1 MIN READ


A conciliator will provide advice and help a contractor and hirer to define a dispute, develop options and reach an agreement. Conciliators are advantageous because they usually have experience, knowledge or legal qualifications in the area of dispute.

Conciliation is particularly useful where the parties need help and advice to fully identify the issues and where they are willing to cooperate to reach an agreement but need advice on what is suitable and fair.

The disputing parties maintain control of the outcome.

What to do…

  • Contact an alternative dispute resolution provider listed on the National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council website.
  • To find a practitioner, look in your local business telephone directory under ‘conciliation’ or ‘dispute resolution’.
  • Find out about free or low cost mediation in your state or territory. Some of these providers will also give conciliation.
  • Contact your industry association or union to find a conciliator with expertise in your industry.

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