Confrontation, being fired and the art of the ‘About’ page

- August 10, 2017 2 MIN READ

If the idea of confronting a late-paying client fills you with dread, Lucinda Lions has some great advice in her column this week.

Using Petrea King’s simple six-word statement for facing the uncomfortable yet inevitable experience of confrontation, Lucinda writes: “When a confrontation is absolutely necessary… All you have to do is make a statement that uses three two-word statements. I notice, I imagine, I feel.”

As Petrea King explains it: “This formula conveys that the other person is not the problem. It’s as if we stand hand-in-hand together looking at the problem rather than seeing each other as the problem.”

How do you manage confrontation in your business? Share in the comments.

If only Vanessa Emilio’s aggressive client had taken this advice before terminating his contract.

Vanessa shows a good deal of courage when sharing the details of this personal scenario in her recent column; where despite her best efforts to address Lance’s concerns, she lost him as a client.

Despite this setback Vanessa’s sunny perspective is admirable:

“Ugly situations may arise in your business and you feel like you should just shut up shop…Then you get that call from the person that really does need and appreciate your help…..and the ugly can be forgotten. You can move on, trust your integrity… and continue with your fantastic growing business.”

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