Connecting with people you don’t know on LinkedIn is a waste of time

- September 8, 2020 4 MIN READ

How many contacts can you really stay up-to-date with?

LinkedIn says I’m connected to 7,881 people. If they all just post an update once a month (some of them post once a day, some of them once a year) and I spend on average about a minute reading each update and choosing a reaction emoji, that’s 94,572 minutes a year.

That’s impossible, of course. We simply can’t do what LinkedIn says it wants us to do — to stay connected with everyone we know professionally on LinkedIn, while also holding down a job.

How much is your lost LinkedIn time worth?

And that’s before you account for LinkedIn trying to stop you staying up-to-date with everyone

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Even if you could comprehend that many updates, you’d never remember all those people

I have a social network disability

So, like, why?


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