Contra deals: Business deals without money

- August 17, 2009 < 1 MIN READ

Here are a few ideas that you may suggest to the recipient of your services who want to thank you for your time.

  • Ask for an endorsement letter that you can use in your promotional material, this will cost them nothing more than a few moments of their time. 
  • Request a recommendation on LinkedIn
  • Invite them to provide feedback on a business rating site like TRUE LOCAL
  • Ask for a hyperlink on their website or a mention in their blog or Twitter
  • Give them a small bundle of business cards and ask them to hand them out to anyone they know who may be able to use your services. 
  • If they have a notice board, newsletter or distribution list, suggest you could provide them with some appropriate advertising material. 
  • Set up a business fundraising charity page and point them in that direction. 
  • Add a BUY ME A COFFEE or BUY ME A BEER button to your website. They are a facility for donating to the business, although I’m not sure what the tax man thinks of this!

Likewise, if someone helps your business, use these ideas as a way to say thank-you. From a referral, to technical help, to brainstorming, you may find many people in the community help you achieve what you do and it would be remiss not to say thank-you.

I am not suggesting you give anything away for free, think about non-financial benefits that could help your business.

What alternatives for contra deals have worked for you?