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Conversion rates: How to create an effective landing page

- August 23, 2012 2 MIN READ

The landing page of your business website is key to turning online visitors into conversions. Ensure your landing pages perform to maximum effect with these tips.

The landing page of a website is the first page visitors see on your site after clicking an “attractive offer” button or advertisement elsewhere. It is the page that will make or break your conversions – determining whether visitors to your site take the action you want them to take, be it signing up to an e-newsletter, contacting you or making a purchase.

Landing pages must provide interested parties with the information they are looking for, and – if done effectively – will help you convert your web traffic into a stream of leads that help you generate more sales. Here’s how to ensure your landing page leads to higher conversion rates.

The blink test

Research shows that many web visitors decide to fill out online forms even before the pages they have clicked finish loading. Ensure your visitors see a professional layout that is easy to complete just as your page begins to load. Let them understand your offer before they blink their eyes.

Make it simple

Always remember that visitors will access your landing page after clicking something. This may be a whitepaper offer, webinar or free trial button. This means you already have some idea about the visitors. You will know what they are interested in from the buttons they click. Your landing page must therefore have relevant information about that subject without asking for too much from the visitors. Everything on the page should revolve around their interests, including the questions you ask.

Keep it short

People value their time greatly and a long list of fields will make them reconsider whether filling your form is worth their precious time. Shorter forms are far more attractive.

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Take endorsements and graphics seriously

Filling forms generally require people to provide information they regard as sensitive in some way. You must appear credible to win their trust. Your client testimonials and logo should preferably be at eye-level either in the header or one of the margins. As a rule of thumb, ensure the information is available where the visitors can see it easily without scrolling.

Go naked!

No, this doesn’t mean you need to expose any part of your body. The term means you should deliberately make your landing page sparse. Strive to make the page without any navigation. It should not have any place to click, even a link taking visitors back to the homepage. Do not include any hyperlink – including menu items – that will distract people from what they are there to do. The only clickable button on the page should be the “submit” button. Encourage visitors to reach it by eliminating distractions.

Wear your visitors’ shoes

Ask yourself honestly whether you would take the time to fill the form if you were a visitor to the landing page. Would you find it confusing to fill the form? Would you be comfortable providing the details asked on the form? These questions will help you make any necessary corrections before you publish your landing page.

What other strategies have you used to increase the conversion rates of your landing page? 

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