Coronavirus 14-day healthy guide to stockpiling your pantry, plus shopping list

- March 18, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

As more people are staying at home in light of the novel coronavirus it’s probably a good time to get your pantry and supplies in order.

I’ve had some requests from clients this week needing a pantry, fridge and freezer plan and shopping list, so I’d love to show you how to stockpile your pantry for a 14-day period, in case you need to be at home due to quarantine reasons.

I’m sharing all my tips plus a 14-day shopping list. I’ve based it upon feeding a family of four. Just halve the amount for couples or quarter for singles.

I understand it’s a stressful time for many, so please enjoy my free Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Stress too.

You can find my Coronavirus 14-day Healthy Guide to Stockpiling your Pantry, Plus Shopping List on the blog here

Much love to everyone, Lee xo

This post was written by Lee Holmes, Director at Supercharged Food and published on LinkedIn.