VIDEO 2/5: Create an instant home office and maximise your productivity with Jo Palmer

- April 15, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Working from home has long been a perk for many sole traders, but thanks to COVID-19 this arrangement has gotten a little bit more challenging! Jo Palmer founded Pointer Remotes roles to foster better remote working opportunities across Australia, but particularly rural and remote hot spots. She shares her productivity tips with us in this short video, brought to you by Vonto.

Feeling overwhelmed with COVID-19? We think this five part series bought to you by Vonto will help you tackle some of the current questions you might have.

In our second video Jo Palmer of Pointer Remote Roles shares her secrets to working from home success.

Jo discusses

  • How to work out the best ‘spot’ at your place to set up your workspace
  • Why taking regular breaks really matters
  • How to make a plan for your day that boosts productivity

The rest of our series will be published every Wednesday for the next five weeks. In these videos we will focus on strategies for your business despite the chaos of COVID-19 and enjoy an intimate chat with a small business owner who has had to pivot in response to the recent economic changes.

We hope this series brings you education, entertainment and some comfort as we navigate through this together.

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