VIDEO 3/5: How to use data to make the best decisions about your business with Elliot Cousins

- April 24, 2020 < 1 MIN READ

Has COVID-19 challenged the way you look at the future of your business? Deciding what to do next is not easy. In this interview with Vonto Managing Director, Elliot Cousins we look at how making good use of business data can help you make informed and inspired choices about the future or of your business.

Feeling overwhelmed with COVID-19? We think this five part series bought to you by Vonto will help you tackle some of the current questions you might have.

In the third video for this series, Elliot Cousins Vonto Managing Director shares his tips for using data to make informed decisions about the future of your business.

According to Elliot, using the right  data is vital to making big decisions about the future of our business because it can:

  • Identify and reduce  unnecessary production costs
  • Identify opportunities to increase ROI for online marketing and social media spend, relative to competitors
  • Understanding cause and effect – opportunity to clearly see what levers you can pull and what impact that has on the business 
  • Identify potential new customers and any changes in behaviour of current customers 

The rest of our series will be published every Wednesday for the next five weeks. In these videos we will focus on productivity when your working from home, strategies for your business despite the chaos of COVID-19 and enjoy an intimate chat with a small business owner who has had to pivot in response to the recent economic changes.

We hope this series brings you education, entertainment and some comfort as we navigate through this together.

This video is proudly bought to you by Vonto the mobile app that helps you stay on top of your business by delivering daily insights from Xero, Google Analytics, Shopify. Learn more about Vonto here 

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