Creating a lead generating website

- November 10, 2007 2 MIN READ

A lead generating website should not include your branding, so I’m not talking about a microsite. I am talking about a website having tools your clients actually need, rather than tools you want to sell them. If they find these tools useful, they might be more inclined to share information with you.

Think how your potential clients could engage with a website that’s not trying to sell them anything.

Two examples of lead generating websites are Free Mortgage Info and Quote My Architect. These are two very different websites, but both generate leads. The first offers free information and tools which are not available until the user has provided their contact details. The second is offering to do the leg work on behalf of the user in that all of the architects who have registered on the website are alerted to the fact that a quote has been requested and up to three can buy a lead.

What sort of lead generating website could you create?

Take some time to think about what would be useful to your potential clients. Is there a tool you use that you could share with them? Do they have to go through any repetitive processes, such as finding different quotes? Do they ever complain about how hard something is or that it was difficult to find a service like yours?

The beauty about lead generating websites is that they don’t have to be big. In the case of providing calculators, this is something fairly simple, so you won’t need to outlay large development costs. Make sure you pick a keyword rich domain name, like “ If your website is providing information you could register a .info domain name, or if you were going to provide quotes you could use something like

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How are lead generating websites profitable?

You can make profit not just from increasing the number of leads you will convert, but from selling the excess leads. For example, if you only provide services in the Sydney region yet gather leads from across the country, you can find industry partners in other states or regions to sell your leads to.

With a website providing quotes, you could keep one of the leads for yourself and the other two could automatically be sold to whoever gets to your website first, or you could auction off the leads to the highest bidders. This way the website pays for itself, and then some.

Have I got your creative thoughts flowing? Have you recently used a service where you would have liked some tools, or would you have jumped at the chance of someone else finding quotes for you? Post a comment and let me know.