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DIY search engine optimisation

- April 12, 2015 2 MIN READ

Learn stacks of simple, effective ways to improve your website ranking, attract more targeted traffic and win more business from SEO copywriter and expert, Kate Toon.

What you’ll learn:

In this information-packed session, Kate Toon shares a mass of simple, effective ways to dramatically impact how you’re found online. Topics covered include:

A thorough introduction to SEO and how it works

Avoiding jargon, Kate outlines the theories that underpin effective SEO and dispels some myths regarding complexity.

The ‘long tail’ and what this means to your business

Understanding the far reaching and lasting power of effective content is at the core of SEO success.

How to write for humans and search engines

Happily the days are gone where we need to write gibberish to keep the search engines happy..and thank goodness for that! So how should we write? Kate explains.

Building genuine links to enhance results

To truly unleash the power of SEO it’s important to grow your presence away from your own website and not surprisingly, there’s a clear way to accomplish this.

Presenter: Kate Toon

Kate Toon is a regular contributor with Flying Solo, an award-winning SEO copywriter and consultant. She has nearly 20 years experience in digital marketing with brands including Westpac, the RTA, Curash and Kmart. She’s the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, runs SEO workshops and is a strong advocate for small business. She’s in conversation with Flying Solo’s, Robert Gerrish.


Audience feedback:

”Really great session full of solid tips and info. Thank you all!” – Misty R

“Thank You. A fantastic presentation, really appreciate the practical tips.” – Merri R