Do you have a comfortable work environment?

- April 29, 2010 2 MIN READ

Our surroundings have a real effect on our motivation and productivity. Does your work environment make you smile? Here are some ideas to help keep you whistling while you work.

Park yourself in a nice chair

Office chairs are surely the most underrated bits of furniture most of us own. We spend a third of our days in it, so why not invest in something decent?

“Every time I look at it” says Robert of his schmicko office chair “It makes me happy.” I’m amazed, and somewhat inspired, that he doesn’t even have to sit in his chair to enjoy it.

Robert’s a man who knows his Eames from his elbow, but even non designer junkies like me can appreciate the benefit of a comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, office chair.

So I’m going to get me a new one. For inspiration, I’m thinking eBay rather than Officeworks.

Expend some ergonomic effort

I am an ergonomic evangelist, having recently bought a separate monitor and keyboard for my laptop, a wrist pad for the keyboard and a shield to reduce monitor glare. I can say bye bye wrist and head/neck aches, hello to boring people at parties.

Pretty it up some

A small bunch of flowers, a well tended plant or photos of loved ones in a beautiful frame can give you a boost every time you walk into your work environment. My desk is adorned with all three and it definitely helps keep me positive in the work environment.

If you want to take it a step further, splash out on a can of paint. If you do so, why not go green? “Greens can be both energising and relaxing, and they spark our creativity” according to one colour consultant’s website. Must be true, then.

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Go all out ra ra

Lots of people love their vision boards, as touted by Robert at the start of the year.

So there you have it, an idea for every budget. Talking of money, most expenditure of this nature is deductable as a business expense.

Caveat: Taking financial pointers from me is a bit like asking Zsa Zsa Gabor for relationship advice. Best speak to your accountant or post in the forums and you’ll hear from more money maestros than you can poke a pot plant at.

What helps keeps you smiling during your workday?


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