Do you need a coach or a course?

- June 8, 2020 2 MIN READ

As both a course creator and a business coach I can tell you they serve different people. If you are naturally an action taker that needs to learn one specific thing or are looking to improve on something. Then a course could be a great step for you!

What you don’t want is to be a course collector. Jumping from course to course, buying all the things but falling short at implementation. For one that’s a huge waste of money! And for two it’s also a waste of your time and a very weak strategy.

If you make a course investment, take the time to implement it. Pencil in your schedule a couple hours a week for learning and for doing. Otherwise it is all too easy for that course to sit there unopened and unactioned. Which, believe me when the course creator made that course they did not want a bunch of people to buy it and then do nothing.


If you want to learn one specific thing or specific system or theory. Then buy a course! IF you have the discipline to follow through.

I have also seen those unwilling to actually invest in a course and instead sign up for every opt in or lead magnet under the sun. Piecing their strategy together with free information. To get to the next level in business, no one is going to get you there for free. If you’re not willing to invest in your business, then how can you ask customers to do so?

Now if you keep falling short of action, or remain frozen by analysis paralysis. Then it might be time to get a coach in your corner. A coach is going to hold you accountable. Ensure that your goals are realistic and achievable, and that the strategy you have mapped out will get you to those goals.

A coach is also a sounding board, which is so essential for solopreneurs or business owners. Having that person to check in with and talk to, picking out of your brainstorms the ideas that are the strongest.

While a coach doesn’t serve the purpose of a course, they can help hold you accountable for completing one. Or identify if that is even the correct area of your business you need to focus on!

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