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Emergency management & recovery | Repair & rebuild

- April 15, 2013 2 MIN READ

Emergency management & recovery | Repair & rebuild

Once you know what damage you have sustained, you can make the decision to either repair or rebuild your business.

If you decide to rebuild, you’ll need to talk to a builder as soon as possible, as you may find they are in high demand. Talk to your local council about whether you will need any planning permits. You may also need to talk to your accountant or tax office about the tax treatment of the newly built/repaired buildings or infrastructure.

Part of being an adaptable business is learning from a crisis. After an emergency there may be an opportunity to make changes in the way you operate to avoid further damage in the future. For example, when rebuilding you can use more flood, fire or earthquake resistant construction materials.

Seek help from the community

In the event of a disaster a whole community may be affected. Often getting together with your local businesses and community leaders can help develop innovative solutions to rebuild the whole community. For example, some local councils arrange free temporary business centres with computers, phones and internet access to help businesses get back on their feet.

Recover your systems

If you have sustained damage to your systems, consider if you need to purchase replacement information systems (including computers, peripherals and software). Retrieve any data backups you have offsite and restore or recreate your systems. If your backups were also damaged, you may consider having a professional data recovery specialist to recover any data from your damaged computer. You may be surprised what is recoverable.

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