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Five things I have learnt from having twins

- July 24, 2017 2 MIN READ

Since having twins in my world, I’ve found along with sleepless nights, they’ve also given me fresh insights into business life.

In a previous article I announced that my wife and I were expecting twins and that I wondered whether or not my business would continue to thrive.

Well the good news is that we welcomed two healthy boys into our family of two boys already late last year. And almost 10 months later my business is still going from strength to strength.

Someone told me that having twins was akin to going over Niagara Falls. I’ve never forgotten that comment. Firstly because they were right but also whenever I think of the statement it makes me smile.

Here are the lessons that can be learnt from having twins and how they can be applied to running a business.

1. Flexibility

People often ask me ‘are they in a good routine’? My answer is always ‘as best they can’.

I’ve realised that in business as in life it’s important to be flexible. It’s okay to stray from the normal routine. So long as your business is healthy and is growing then you’re heading in the right direction. A business or marketing plan is a guide that should be followed, but don’t worry if you deviate occasionally if something unexpected crops up.

2. Seize every opportunity and enjoy

My twins will be a year old soon. They are growing up in a blink of the eye. I’ve learnt that it’s important to embrace every personal and professional milestone and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Because if you don’t you’ll miss it as time passes so quickly.

3. This too shall pass

Sometimes we think we’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ll never sleep again!

It’s really easy to think this way about your own business, too. Just like in a child’s life, businesses pass through stages and phases, stages that equal growth, stages that may be of concern. But that’s okay as most stages pass quickly and you learn from experience to take the phases in your stride.

4. Audience targeting should not be the only targeting you do

My twins although both boys, the same age who live in the same house with the same baby friends, are vastly different in terms of personality. One is obsessed with eating carpet, one isn’t!  This observation helps support my own theory that ‘audience targeting’, targeting people of the same gender, location, age, interests on Facebook for example has its weaknesses. And that keyword targeting, that is targeting those that at that moment in time show an interest in your product is often a more cost effective approach.

5. Outsource whatever you can

It’s not easy raising four children at once whilst running a business, and maintaining a home.

Outsourcing tasks that someone else can do for you is both effective and some times more economical than doing it yourself. At home we have a year eleven student who helps bath the children and take them for a walk twice a week. In business I’m a huge fan of AirTasker and use it frequently for tasks that free up my time for something more strategic. You don’t have to outsource everything but one or two tasks just takes the pressure off you a little.

What have your kids taught you on your business journey?

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