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Five tips to avoid burnout

- January 7, 2015 2 MIN READ

As a micro business owner, if you’re suffering burnout, your business will suffer too. Here are five tips to help you avoid burnout.

Use tools and outsource

One thing that many micro business owners have in common is the realisation that running a business is harder and more involved than first thought.

To make life easier and avoid burnout, it’s important to use all the available tools at your disposal, as well as outsource wherever you can. Perhaps this means using Xero to automate debtor chasing, pre-scheduling social media posts or using experts so you can focus on your own expertise.

Outsourcing also has the added benefit of getting an outsider’s viewpoint on your business. New ideas can be invaluable. If you think you can’t afford to outsource, consider that outsourcing can help to grow your business.


Too many business owners are afraid of taking leave in case their businesses fall apart. But that situation is extreme. Getting away from your business, clearing your head and coming back with a fresh perspective can reinvigorate your passion and inspire new ideas. Not only that, spending time with family, aside from the obvious benefits, can also have real tangible health benefits.


Creating documented processes for as much of your business as possible gets your business out of your head.

A great tip for the newbie business owner is to start this process from the very outset, even if you think you don’t need it yet. Keep the unnecessary out of your head and in documented procedures.

Creating documented processes also makes it easier for you to take holidays, because you know that your process will be followed when you’re away.

Partner/sounding board

For the soloist, burnout can come earlier than for small business owners who have partners and staff to bounce ideas off and share the load. Every solo business owner must have a sounding board, such as a business coach, mentor, accountant and business support group.

Tip: It’s preferable to find someone who doesn’t have a financial interest in your business, as this may cloud their judgement in terms of making changes that only affect themselves.

Stick to what you know

Our final point is to not forget the primary reason you started your business. Don’t let yourself be bogged down in the administrative and non-core aspects, it’s a guaranteed path to burnout.

Leave the burnouts to the young guys in loud cars, and focus on working smarter in order to enjoy a healthier business and life.

What are your tips for how to avoid burnout?

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