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Flying Solo community: Why YOU rock!

- December 15, 2014 2 MIN READ

As my Acting Editor position with the Flying Solo community comes to an end, I’d like to shower you with compliments. Get your umbrella out!

I’ve been involved with the Flying Solo community for many years as a member and contributor, but working as the Acting Editor gave me a deeper insight into who YOU are.

Among other things, my role involved working with the wonderful contributors, managing their content, surveying the forums and having heaps of fun on the Flying Solo Facebook page! Here’s what I’ve learned.

You are wise

Your wisdom sparkles in every corner of the Flying Solo community from article comments to forum posts.

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced solopreneur; your tips, advice and life experiences empower and motivate us all. Indeed, your wisdom is the very fuel that lifts the community higher and further every single day.

You are generous

Having wisdom is one thing, but making the time to share it is quite another. Generosity is clearly in your sole trader spirit. 

You are supportive

We regularly have new micro biz owners joining our community. They have bright eyes, big dreams and sometimes even bigger fears – but you put them at ease.

When Niamh chastised herself for asking a ‘silly’ forum question, Simply Replica provided reassurance and context: “Don’t ever feel ‘stupid’ or like an ‘idiot’ because we’ve ALL STARTED somewhere and had to learn from someone.”

See, supportive.

You are honest

It’s hard admitting to mistakes, weaknesses and insecurities, and yet you share your warts-and-all journey every day. To see what I mean, read the outpouring of empathy in response to Mary Gardam’s raw confession and Vanessa Emilio’s difficult decision.

You are light-hearted

Have you always been funny or did it unfurl when you became untethered? Whatever the reason, it’s a joy to behold and has literally kept me giggling all year!

I can’t possibly share every thought and thread that’s made me chuckle, so here are a few answers to the question, “A friend pops in for a cuppa on a busy day, what do you say/do?”

  • “Sit down and I’ll bill you.”
  • “I take white with one. And here is a bunch of accounts I want you to sort out for me.”
  • “I have friends?!”

As you can imagine, my Flying Solo Facebook activity has been a bit of a productivity killer at times, but at least my productivity died laughing.

You are grateful supporters and vocal advocates

You often tell us what you love about Flying Solo, and the fact that you’re spreading the word.

Hearing positive feedback makes our day because behind the scenes we work really hard to ensure everything runs smoothly and sensationally.

You are you

You’ve joined us on the journey of a lifetime. You’re unique and special in every way. Without you, Flying Solo would need to be renamed, ‘Grounded Solo’ or ‘We’ve run out of fuel solo’ or ‘The ailerons are stuffed solo’.


Thank you for allowing me to move seamlessly from contributor to Acting Editor, and ensuring my 2014 journey was rich, rewarding and exciting.

Also, heartfelt thanks to the Flying Solo contributors who consistently dazzled me with their informative, interesting and insightful content. They were always open to my ideas and feedback, and were such a delight to work with.

Finally, a gigantic thank you to my Flying Solo family. I’ve never worked with a finer, funnier, fantastic bunch of peeps in my life. While I’m looking forward to returning to Soloville full-time, I will miss them like craaaaaazy.

Well, I’m all strapped in and looking forward to an exhilarating journey next year under the new editorship of Kelly Exeter. Bring on 2015!

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