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Four e-commerce tips for success

- December 5, 2014 2 MIN READ

With so much traffic, referrals and sales coming through websites rather than stores, it’s crucial for you to have your ecommerce site in order. Here’s how.

The negative implications of sending potential customers to a subpar website include:

  • A short time spent on your site with no purchase made or no action taken
  • No positive recommendations to friends and family
  • Lower rates of repeat business

So, here are my four e-commerce tips for success.

Be mobile

As a consumer it’s easy to stand in a store, pull out your phone and do a simple Google search to compare two products side by side, but not if a website isn’t mobile-friendly.

By configuring your site to be compatible with mobile devices you’ll be expanding your market, and automatically increasing sales-converting opportunities because it’s more convenient to purchase your products. 

Make your website visually appealing 

People won’t take the time to read everything on your website. You have to tell your story and make your mission clear through visuals as well.

Keep in mind that images need to be high quality with a corresponding design that allows the eye to easily navigate the pages. A company like Love that Pet does this well, with the majority of content comprising of images that have short headings and lines of text.

List all your products

Provide your full range of products to allow for the same online experience that customers would receive offline. Customers get frustrated when they can’t find products quickly and easily online.

It may seem overwhelming to think about listing every single product, but that’s why it’s important to organise and categorise your products in a visually appealing way.

Another important detail is providing a full and accurate description for each product so people know exactly what they’re buying. 

A secure site

People know when a site looks less than secure. It’s enough to completely shut down a sale even when the customer is at the checkout.

Make it clear on your product pages and checkout that you’re using a secure and reputable service, and that your customers aren’t at risk of identity or credit card fraud. Online shoppers are savvy and know when a site is safe.

If you ensure your website is visually appealing both on a computer and phone screen, and provide the full range of what your business offers, you’ll start to see your e-commerce really pay off. 

Do you have any to add to these four e-commerce tips for success?

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