Four unique corporate gift ideas

- October 8, 2007 < 1 MIN READ

If you struggle with Christmas present ideas for clients, here are three gifts that have worked well for me.

At the end of each year, I start making a list (and checking it twice) of those people who have been an important part of my business support crew throughout the year.

Typically it contains lucrative or super-nice clients, reliable suppliers, friendly competitors and supportive colleagues.

I prefer to select a small group and send a well thought-out gift and personal card rather than send out a generic card to everyone in my address book. If you’ve got a longer list, a simple hand-written card with meaningful message is well worth the time, and costs very little.

I want my gift selection to show my genuine appreciation, but every year I’m faced with the big question: what can I get that’s not cheap champagne, chocolates or a typically last minute ‘corporate gift’?

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In the comments below I’ve listed three corporate gift ideas that I have given or received in the past.

But I’m fresh out of new ideas so I need your help! What memorable corporate gifts have you received? What clever ideas have you come across? Besides, are corporate gifts really worth all the effort?

I’ve shown you my ideas now you show me yours. Hopefully, we can get a great list together.

That way, all soloists can be the flavour of the month during the festive season.