Business Productivity

From flapping to focus

- June 4, 2015 2 MIN READ

What you’ll learn:

It’s hard to put your attention where it’s really needed if the voice in your head is getting frantic. When working solo, how do you stay calm and clear? In this session, Peter Crocker and Robert Gerrish delve into:

The causes of overwhelm and procrastination

As you’ll hear, what takes you off track is often much easier to eradicate than you might imagine.

The top 5 tools to enhance productivity

Specific apps, tricks and techniques to replace chaos with creativity.

How a ‘to-be’ list enhances a ‘to-do’ list

Changing the way you think, can change the way you operate. You simply have to learn how!

Your own personal step-by-step template

Once you’ve learned new skills and strategies how do you stay on track? The answer is what’s at the heart of the Flying Solo community.

Presenter: Robert Gerrish & Peter Crocker

Co-authors along with Sam Leader of the bestseller, Flying Solo: How to go it alone in business, Peter Crocker and Robert Gerrish have experienced plenty of flapping and thankfully, increased focus in their decade of working together. They’ve road-tested a myriad of productivity enhancing tips and tools and as crash test dummies are uniquely placed to share their expertise.


Audience feedback:

“THANK YOU for this – the content was great. I missed the live session (yes I was one of ‘those’ people LOL) but got the replay. Greatly appreciated it! – Natalie R

“Have just listened into this – terrific stuff. I think you guys deserve a medal – a real one – honours list material! Well paced, informative and inspiring.” – Kathleen C