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From flat to fired up

- June 18, 2012 2 MIN READ

Most days I’m bursting out of my skin with ideas and work enthusiasm, but today – to be honest – I’m feeling flat.

My normally peaceful home office has been bombarded with noise; my neighbours are renovating, and their builders have considerately set up a circular saw in the driveway near my office, where the yeeeoooooowwww it makes every few minutes sears my eardrums and my thought processes.

To top it off, my eyes are weary and my throat is just a tiny bit sore… seems there’s a lurgy somewhere in my body, trying to assert itself.

In my old corporate life, I’d have either headed into work feeling sorry for myself and operating below par, or taken a sick day and spent it under a doona on the couch, grumbling about the fact that it was too noisy to sleep.

But you know what? I’m a different person these days, and those options don’t appeal to me anymore. I’m not going to let factors outside my control dictate whether my day is going to be constructive and inspiring or flat and frustrating.

One of the many benefits I’ve gained from soloism is that it’s made me more resourceful, and really fired up my ability to think laterally. So, having debated my options for a while, I’ve determined that the best way to use my time today is to get myself out into a different environment (preferably one that’s sunny, since Sydney has been so soggy lately), and devote a couple of hours to my business and marketing plans for the new financial year.

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With that decision made, I feel better already. I’m back in the driver’s seat, and have a bit more passion and purpose coursing through my veins.

I must confess – it did take a good hour of lolling about drinking tea and indulging in my blah-ness before I woke up to the fact that I could take my power back and rearrange my day to suit my own needs. Nevertheless, I’m quietly pleased about this shift in attitude, and pretty confident it would never have occurred in my pre-soloist life.

Have you observed similar seismic shifts in your own thoughts and actions, since embracing soloism?