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Fuel saving tips for soloists

- August 25, 2008 2 MIN READ

If you use your car in the course of running your business, to drive to clients perhaps, then the cost of petrol could be hurting your bottom line. Here are some simple, effective fuel saving tips to keep you on the road and not in the red!

1. Plan your trips

Instead of ducking out for short trips each day, try to plan trips so that you can achieve as many tasks on one route. If you’re meeting with a client, can you go via the post office or do your grocery shopping on the way back?

2. Drive efficiently

Inefficient driving can burn twice as much fuel so aim for a smooth driving technique by avoiding heavy and unnecessary braking and accelerating.

3. Avoid heavy traffic

The constant stopping, starting and excessive engine idling can chew up petrol. Can you time your journey to avoid peak hour? Or can you have your consultation on the phone? I do some of my consultations over the phone, but know some soloists who do all their business via telephone or emailing. If this is the way you run your business, please share your experiences via a comment.

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4. Minimise wind resistance

An increase in wind resistance means an increase in fuel consumption, so remove roof racks if they’re not in constant use.

5. Minimise weight within your car

As soloists we sometimes cart around the contents of our home office in the car, but this excess weight increases fuel consumption. Have you checked your boot lately? Has your car become a filing cabinet on wheels?

6. Service your car regularly

A well-serviced car is more fuel efficient than one that isn’t. Make sure your tyre pressure is correct, that your engine is tuned and that everything is working as it should. When it’s running a bit rough, then so too is your fuel consumption.

7. Walk instead of using the car

Of course, this is a great petrol saver! Plus it’s good for your health and can strengthen your social network if you walk with others. A fellow soloist has just started walking her daughter to school twice a week. It was an adjustment at first, but now is part of their valuable family time.

Ironically, I heard these fuel saving tips on the radio while driving home. I pulled over and scribbled them down. I hope they help you in some small way.

There’s got to be heaps more fuel saving tips out there, so if you know of any, please leave a comment. And while you’re there, tell us: is the price of fuel hurting your business?

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