Business technology

Future-proof your business

- June 30, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

What you’ll learn:

As technologies disrupt business and create new and exciting opportunities, it can be hard to stay abreast of emerging trends. We’ll assist you by:

Highlighting the innovations that will change the face of business

It’s only by understanding what’s around the corner that we can prepare and evolve ourselves. We look at innovations and advances that are likely to impact the way you operate your small business.

Translating the trends into a tangible vision of the future

It’s one thing to know what’s happening and what’s coming, but another to adapt your own business to take maximum advantage. We discuss possibilities and brainstorm ideas to get you thinking.

Revealing the tools and applications that are available now

In so many ways, the future is here now. We’ll tell you what you can do today that will better arm you for tomorrow.

Presenter: Paul Wallbank

Paul Wallbank is a business writer, futurist and analyst, appearing regularly on ABC Radio and in publications including Business Spectator, Communications Day, Smart Company and Flying Solo.

Through his blog, Decoding The New Economy, he has his finger firmly on the pulse of the changing world of technology and how it impacts business. He is interviewed by Flying Solo’s, Robert Gerrish.


Audience feedback:

“Thank you, the material was an insightful eye-opener!” – Alex S

“Fantastic session! Thankyou :)” – Leonie M

“Thank you. Great summary! – Campbell M