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Get a multi-million dollar attitude

- August 30, 2011 2 MIN READ

Who better to share inspiring business tips than someone who built a multi-million dollar business with just $50 in his pocket?

You may not know Justin Herald’s name, but you might recognise his story. Having always been accused of displaying a bad attitude, he decided to print a handful of t-shirts, each slapped with an attitude-driven slogan like ‘Go hard or go home’ and ‘Winners make it happen… Losers let it happen!

The t-shirts struck a chord with the masses, and with no experience, Justin turned his $50 start-up into a multi-million dollar business. Then, at the age of 30, he licensed the Attitude Inc® brand worldwide, allowing him to pursue other business goals.

I spoke to Justin and he shared some of his multi-million dollar business tips for soloists – in his own words. So yes, expect some attitude.

Success leaves clues. Follow them.

Everyone has experienced success at some point in time; it may not have been financial success, but something may have worked. To get something new to work, do the same thing you did last time without making the same mistakes. You’ll get there in half the time. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just follow the clues.

Suck it and see

That’s what business is all about. Give things a go. If and when there’s a problem, solve it. Be prepared, but don’t get caught up in the process of pre-empting problems to the point where it does your head in.

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Surprise and shock yourself on a daily basis

In business we need to surprise and shock ourselves on a daily basis. Not our customers, not our competitors, but ourselves. I am more surprised than anyone that I am where I am today. I’m only walking down this path because I shocked myself.

Share your personality

Everything about business online and offline has to have a personality to it. There are a lot of brands out there that try and create their personality. As a small business owner you have a personality anyway – or at least, you should, and if you don’t, you’re stuffed.

I always make sure that my actual personality comes through in everything I do. I am what I am. I’d rather be disliked for what I am than be liked for what I’m not.

Allow your customers to set the trends

My books are where I started out and they’re great, but now my CDs and small business mentoring are what the public wants. Allow the consumer to set the trend because they are the ones who are buying.

What are you waiting for? Don your detective hat, follow those clues, suck it and see, and show your personality while you’re at it. With any luck, you might just give yourself a multi-million dollar shock!

What do you think of Justin’s tips? Got any more of your own to share?

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