Get customers to pay more… happily!

- November 17, 2014 2 MIN READ

As buyers, the feeling that we’re about to shell out a little more than we intended can be oddly exciting. So as sellers, how do we get customers to pay more happily?

You know those people who line up at the back of conference rooms after the keynote has spoken, often paying thousands of dollars for their programs? They’re thinking: “I probably shouldn’t sign up, but it’s going to be good, so I’ll do it anyway.”

As sellers – whether of professional services or products – we need to help our prospects question the investment but take the leap anyway. We can do this by taking control and confidently guiding them every step of the way towards the checkout! 

They’re at the door. Don’t blow it.

Through whatever means, our business marketing has got people to our front door – whether that door is our phone, our inbox, our homepage or er… our front door.

From the get-go we need to reassure them that they’ve arrived at the right place and are in good hands.

This is something we can do with our copy, verbal greeting, the ambience we’ve created and our body language.

Not surprisingly, people want to feel welcome and comfortable, and as they relax into the surroundings, you can bet your life they’re quietly hoping to be whisked off their feet.

Think about your own experiences as a buyer. How often do these early interactions disappoint? There you are looking for a bright, sparky Apple Store greeting, only to get a K-Mart reception. The slightly increased heart rate that comes with the hope that your search is over, quickly dissipates as you realise the trawl has just begun.

Successful soloists understant how to get customers to pay more

Regardless of the point of entry, successful soloists know their customers’ pain points, understand the value of the services they offer and quickly and assertively take charge.

Here’s how I was greeted recently at my now, much favoured yoga studio: “Thanks for coming to our studio. You’ll be here to get an idea about what we do and how things run. Come with me and I’ll show you around.”

It’s not hard

Once all our communication is clear, our actions targeted and professional, it’s an easy task to put our prospects at ease and allow them to savour the rising excitement of spending just a little more than they anticipated.

Now, how would you like to pay? 

How do you create a buzz so that buyers are excited to spend more on your products and/or services?