Get serious about online marketing strategies

- May 11, 2008 < 1 MIN READ

Delving deeper it turns out that of the soloists who had a website, only 40% had done search engine optimisation (SEO) and less than 18% felt confident that SEO was working for them.

The statistics in Flying Solo’s Understanding Micro Business survey prove there is still a massive opportunity for solo business owners to get serious about online marketing strategies to grow their business. The process is simple; first, create an effective website. Second, get people to visit it. But it’s definitely easier said than done.

On, we can help you get started with your online marketing strategies.

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Don’t fear. Despite rapid developments online in recent years, the internet is still a reasonably level playing field where smart, nimble and fast-learning soloists can outwit bigger competition.

There’s no doubt online marketing strategies work. But, only if you work at it.

What’s your secret wwweapon?